Buying from me has never been easier!

Ordering from me is so easy!

Ordering your new merchandise from me is so very easy.  Simply check out my Instagram page or send me an image of what you are chasing.  I will have competitive pricing and shipping fees for you asap.  

There are a variety of ways that you can pay me, we can discuss those when we chat. In the rare case that you have any problems with any products that I have sent you please message me as soon as possible so we can discuss and fix the issue!

How to contact me

Follow this link to my contacts page or select the Whatsapp icon that appears on the bottom right hand side of my website. This will direct you straight to a chat session and we can chat instantly!

Talk to you soon – Kyle

Below is a recent review on REDDIT from one of my customers. Feel free to read her other reviews about me!

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