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From years passed….

While updating my new website I did some Google research on my name. I seem to have quite a few posts about me from over the years. I totally forgot about this page from a customer years ago, but looking back at all the comments makes me realise how many of you I have really met! So many!

The feedback is amazing and fills me with joy. I am a very lucky person to have met so many of you. I will continue to help each of you and look forward to meeting you if you ever come to Shenzhen!

An article about Louhu Commercial City from 2011. Still a great read with awesome comments!

New Reddit Review! 👜

I received a message on my new Reddit account from one of my customers. They had recently posted another review of their latest purchase from me. This time it was for a YSL Camera Bag Matelasse Leather (mirror bag) I know not many do Reddit so therefore I will post it here for you to check out. Stay tuned as very soon I will add a Buyers Review page to my site. Here you will be able to review your purchase. With perhaps a few surprises along the way! Stay tuned my friends!

Kyle Online!

Check out some stories about me online!

Wow! I am very honored to have so many places online writing about me and telling my story! Last year I had Hong Kong Missy Missy do a story on me on her personal blog – you can follow that link below. Scroll further down to see a reddit about me!

Personal Shopper blog post by Hong Kong Missy Missy!

“Kyle is now a personal shopper, which I think is better.  He knows this centre inside and out.  His friends who own shops are just like him; kind, fairly honest and very patient with your request……. Hong Kong Missy Missy


I’m on Reddit!

Below are some reviews from my customers on Reddit! You can Click the links below to go directly to the site to check out the articles! I am so excited to see that you are all happy and sharing your opinions and reviews. Thank you for the ❤️❤️❤️.

REDDIT Review: LV Triangle Bag

[REVIEW] LV Triangle Softy from Shenzhen Kyle from RepLadies

A huge thank you to pinktravels81 for the outstanding review!

Shenzhen Kyle is famous. Like I said, google him. He’s not pushy. He’s polite. He will probably have the lowest prices for any bag you’re looking for. Not extremely low like OMG LET ME BUY 10 BAGS, but very low bc he’s used to dealing with people who he’s met in person and then want to buy bags while overseas. – pinktravels81


REDDIT Review: Dior Saddle Bag

[Review] Dior Saddle Bag from Shenzhen Kyle from RepLadies

Another great review this time from xtrava1 for a Dior Saddler Bag

He (Kyle) was able to source the Tribales earrings that I’ve only seen on Apple’s Yupoo for half the price! He shipped ASAP and I got my items in 2 days! Can’t beat that. – xtrava1


Again thank you for these lovely reviews!  I will be creating new blog post for all new reviews that become available from Reddit and user submitted reviews to my site! Until then stay tuned! 

Love Kyle ❤️


A to B from Hong Kong to Shenzhen

Travelling to Hong Kong? Why not take a trip up to Shenzhen located just on the border of HK and China? A popular spot for shoppers the world over! Many tourists to Hong Kong also choose to visit nearby Shenzhen, which is perched on the edge of the Chinese mainland but barely one hour away. – Even faster now with the high speed train service! – about 17 mins.

Shenzhen is a trade friendly “special economic zones” which means you can enter on a special 5 day visa that you can apply for at the border.

There’s plenty of ways that you can reach Shenzhen from Hong Kong, either by car, bus – your hotel’s concierge can make the arrangements – but most tourists just use the MTR (train) swapping closer to the border onto the East Rail line.


1. Head to Hung Hom MTR station

Hung Hom is at the city end of the purple West Rail MTR line, and just one station past East TST – which also puts it within easy reach of most hotels in downtown Kowloon.

2. Change to the East Rail Line

Hung Hom also shares a connection to the light blue northbound East Rail Line, and you probably won’t even need to change platforms – just walk across to the other side of the same platform.

3. Catch the train to Lo Wu

East Rail Line trains are not as modern as those on Hong Kong’s MTR metro services, and the train runs overground through much of its journey as it cuts north through the New Territories region, so there’s a little bit of scenery.

After around 40 minutes you’ll alight at Lo Wu (also written as Luohu), which is on the edge of the Hong Kong / China border and the most popular point for entering Shenzhen.

4. You are now leaving Hong Kong…

Follow the crowd through the exit at Lo Wu station and towards Hong Kong immigration.

This is where it can get a little tricky (and time-consuming): you’ll want to veer right towards the ‘foreign’ lane, even if you have Hong Kong’s e-Channel pass, as the sign-posted e-Channel lanes at this checkpoint appear to work only with the passports of Hong Kongers and Chinese nationals.

Keep your passport in your hand and be ready to flash the rear cover with its e-Channel sticker to any customs staff standing around to direct travellers. They’ll direct you to the e-Channel lanes for foreigners, which is in the ‘foreigners’ zone at the far right side of the checkpoint.

When i visited Shenzhen it was a busy Saturday morning with was extensive queue for the manual ‘foreigners’ checkpoint but only one person staffing it, compared to a dozen e-Channel gates in operation and a waiting time of barely one minute.

5. Cross the border into Shenzhen (have your visa ready)

After passing through Hong Kong immigration you’ll cross a footbridge over the Sham Chun River which marks the Hong Kong / Shenzhen border, and then line up for Chinese immigration.

Your Chinese visa or APEC Business Travel Card will see you through to Shenzhen. if you don’t have either, you can apply for a single-entry Shenzhen visa just before the immigration checkpoint.

That process can take up to 30 minutes and costs ¥168 (A$34).


If you’re a first time visitor to Luohu or want to get straight to the shopping you are welcome to message me and I can meet you at the border.


Friends I’ve met

Over the years I have met so many great people, many that I am still in contact with today. They continue to buy from me because of the immense trust we have built up over the years. Many of these people have left reviews about me in my testimonials section of my site!