Hello there!

Welcome to my new 2019 webpage. My name is Kyle and I am from Luohu in Shenzhen, just across the border from Hong Kong. Now that getting to Shenzhen from Hong Kong is much easier (and FASTER) I decided to update my page to continue being a helpful hand to all of you.Years ago I began this page to help tourists on their journey to Shenzhen. I was very lucky to have met so many that are still friends to this day and have left beautiful testimonials on my comments page.

So what else do I do?

Apart from running this new blog I am a supplier of quality handbags, watches, wallets, shoes – you name it I can source it for you. I have a vast network of the best quality products for sale in China. Best of all I guarantee them. If you have any problems I will exchange them for you at no charge.I also help many foreigners source products that they are wanting to sell. With the rise of Amazon and websites such as these, I can help you become your own online seller. I currently am working with a few sourcing agents in Australia who are doing just this! But. I’m not all about buying and selling!

Need a guide?

If you need an honest guide while you are in China, I can help you also. I have taken people for tours all over Shenzhen, I take care of the arrangements, I do all the talking for you and all you need to do is enjoy your time.

I am a social person

Before you leave my page today please take the time to check out my Instagram page that I update almost daily with the latest bags that are on offer. Feel free to ask me about them via Instagram or you can get my contact details from the contact page

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